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The artist Speaks

“My tryst with melody began over 50 years ago. Much has changed in these years, bringing parallel changes in my style repertoire. The only permanents have been my absolute attachment to our melody oriented value system, wedded as I am to the spiritual tradition of India.

My natural inclination towards our classical music, traditional schools old miniature painting, traditional crafts and folk arts put me on the right path to making the beautiful more so for others. The western academic illusion - realism in painting has greatly influenced my thought process and therefore my interpretation of the world around. The charm in my realism is due to my consistent search to make my creations such that everybody understands and relates to them.

My art philosophy inspires me to `sing’ through my paintings. My pictorial music always seeks visual mood-melodies hidden in the concrete realities of the world around.

In roles as complementary and enriching as an art teacher, illustrator, painter, a specialist in architectural perspectives and a critic, I have grown to appreciate and respect art more and more.

Born in Belgaum, Ravi Paranjape moved to Mumbai to study and then worked there. In the early 1990’s, he chose to make Pune his home and has been here since.

I meet a lot of youngsters seeking a career in the field of architectural perspectives or art. To them I suggest that he/she must first study all art trends and styles of rendering. Along with the study, efforts should be made to improve his/her drawing ability and to develop the sense of colour, form, composition- aesthetics. An artist should develop new techniques of presentation and insist on retaining his/her originality.”

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