The artist Speaks Philosophy About the Artist


I strongly believe that the day man felt the concept
of line from a painful scratch on his body; he was instantly drawn into a newfound world of creativity. Discoveries of new skills led him on an undying path of evolution from his primitive lifestyle towards a lifestyle based on innovation and knowledge.

New doors opened as he discovered that an angle is formed when two lines meet. His
exploration gave birth to shapes and geometry. He learned to observe the world around
in terms of geometrical shapes as lines, triangles, squares, pentagons and so on. Evolution
progressed and led man to composing the shapes, objects and colours he had absorbed
from the world around him; thus forming the building blocks of 'design' in a variety of
visual arts like drawing, painting, architecture and sculpting. It was naturally understood
that 'beauty' is attained simply by following the visual order and destroyed when the order
was disturbed.

My faith is based on ideology of 'Shiva'-the creative force which enlightened the human
soul as recognised by seers in ancient India around 10,000 BC. This creative force which
enlightened the human soul was termed as 'Shiva' by seers in ancient India somewhere
around 10,000 BC. Shiva is an artist’s flight of imagination which inspires him to reach
newer heights. 'Parvati' represents the desire and ability of an artist.

An artist driven by union of these elements creates and presents his art as a blissful divine
experience and becomes the Sukhakarta - the Peacemaker, the one who makes peace
by bringing a sense of order. The same design order system of Shiva-Parvati-Ganesha
has been followed not just in visual arts, but in all social and cultural aspects of India
for centuries where 'Ganesha' was the culmination of this order system. 'Remover of
obstacles,' 'preserver of wisdom,' 'destroyer of sorrows' were the manifestations of the
concept of Ganesha, later personified in idols.

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