Late Shri. K. R. Paranjape, affectionately known as 'Anna,' served a long career as a teacher producing a crop of students who grew up to be outstanding contributors in their respective fields. Apart from his career as a school teacher and a college lecturer, Anna put in significant efforts in extensive research and study of the Devnagari script.  

A paper based on his study of Indian traditional deities and Govindagrajanchi Goodhgeete a research oriented book about the work of legendary Indian poet Govindagraj, are among his well known published works. He was a poet and an artist himself.

Along with his career and research, Anna enjoyed his interests in painting, Indian classical music and cricket as well! His personality made a deep and lasting impact on his students as well as his three children who cherish the heirloom of talent, principles and philosophy that Anna passed on. Govindagrajanchi Goodhgeete is available at all leading Marathi book stores.

Ravi Paranjape Foundation

'Ravi Paranjape Foundation' was established in early 1998 with a mission to recognize worthy yet unrecognized veteran artists whose contribution to the art and society has either been overlooked or has remained obscure. The foundation is privileged to have recognized artists from various branches of visual arts with the 'K.R. Paranjape Gunijan Kala Puraskar'. Ceremoniously presented every alternate year since 1998, the 'Gunijan Kala Puraskar' includes an honorary remuneration & a commemorative plaque.

From 2006 foundation began rewarding the up and coming young artists with cash prize and a citation of 'Yuva Puraskaar'. 'Yuva Puraskaar' is sponsored by US based art enthusiasts Mr. & Mrs. Sanjeev and Nisha Nene in respectful acknowledgement of Artist Ravi Paranjape's vision and the enrichment brought to the world of Indian art by his work & philosophy. With 'Yuva Puraskaar' the Foundation inspires young generation of artists to produce quality work to enhance the artistic taste and build an art literate society.

SPACE, Institute for Education & Rehabilitation of Spastics

Ravi Paranjape Foundation's scope of interest is not limited to the field of visual arts. In 2008 Ravi Paranjape Foundation extended financial aid and its name to build SPACE, Institute for education & rehabilitation of Spastics. SPACE runs an activity center for physically & mentally challenged youths to encourage their social and physical development. Please visit SPACE to learn more about the institute and its ongoing efforts.

Gunijan Kala Puraskar :

2010 : Eminent artist Shri Maruti Patil.

2008 : Landscape artist G S Majgaonkar and Datta Padekar illustrator and landscape artist.

2006 : Prof. R. K. Joshi senior calligrapher and designer and Madan Garge senior sculptor.

2004 : S. S. Sheikh, a well known senior landscape artist was selected for the Gunijan Kala                Puraskaar 2004 by the Ravi Paranjape Foundation.

2002 : Calligraphy expert Kamal Shedge and illustrator Baal Thakur..

2000 : Late Dr. Bhayyasaheb Omkar senior landscape artist and famous
           senior cartoonist S.D. Phadnis

1998 : Phenomenal landscape artist Shivajirao Tupe

The Ravi Paranjape Yuva Kalakaar Puraskaar was instituted in 2006.
It is financed by Sanjiv and Nisha Nene from Los Angeles, USA in honour of Ravi Paranjape.

2010 : Kiran Hanamsheth.

2008 : Aditya Chari.

2006: Devdatta Padekar.

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