Tandav Haravtana
Size : : 17 cm X 23.5 cm I 6.80" X 9.5" I
Pages : 214 I  Paper back I  Price : INR 250/- I
Marathi Edition I ISBN : 978-93-80092-64-5

What is the creative heritage of India?
Visual arts – nation building…what is the relation?
Dharma and religion! What is the difference?
Why does Loksabha become a hung parliament?
What should be the nature of Rashtradharma?
India-Singapore…what is the difference?
Why does India come under US pressure?
When will India become a superpower?
Curious to know more?.....then read….Tandav Haravtana


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  The World of My Illustrations - Colour Renderings Techniques
Size : : 21.6 cm X 28 cm I 8.5" X 11" I
Pages : 60 I  Paper back I  Price : INR 250/- I
Bi-lingual Edition I ISBN : 978-81-908416-2-7

The World of My Illustrations, Colour Rendering Techniques is a collection of colour illustrations by one of the India's foremost painter-illustrator - Ravi Paranjape. In his long career as and Illustrator, he has created a number of illustrations for a variety of publications, advertising and architectural projects. These assignments are naturally characterized by his impressive styles and techniques. Through this unique volume, Paranjape discusses the essence of a select few colour illustrations. Like in the earlier books in the series, this volume too will prove immensely useful to prospective illustrators, animation artists and also to those who want to become painters or hobby artists.

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  When I Sing Through Colour
Size : : 21.6 cm X 28 cm I 8.5" X 11" I
Pages : 120 I  Paper back I  Price : INR 400/- I
Bi-lingual Edition I ISBN : 978-81-908416-3-4

Senior artist Ravi Paranjape’s ‘WHEN I SING THROUGH COLOUR’ -
is an insightful book on his career as an outstanding representational painter-illustrator. The book has about a more than hundred reproductions of his
visually melodious works explained through essays that satiate the readers curiosity about the artist’s approach to the concept, design strategy, composition, colour, style and technique. Along with or apart from his creations, Paranjape has also discussed his tradition, preceptors and his thoughts on the painting-music relationship. A must read for everybody connected to or wanting to connect to art.

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  Sketching & Drawing - A Personal View
Size : 21.6 cm X 28 cm  I   8.5" X 11"  I
Pages : 32 I  Paper back I  Price : INR 60/- I
English Edition I ISBN : 978- 81- 7925 - 220 - 8

This beautiful book is a collection of Life drawings drawn from 1957 to 2001 by Artist Ravi Paranjape. These life drawings represent his artistic journey from tonal studies to linear expression in his peculiar style. In addition the book has an article which discusses his views and methods of drawing at length and importance of drawing for quality art.

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  The World of My Illustrations 2
Size : 21.6 cm X 28 cm I 8.5" X 11" I
Pages : 48 I Paper back I Price : INR 150/- I
English Edition I ISBN : 978- 81- 908416 - 1- 0

In this New Book The World of My Illustrations Ravi Paranjape further into his body of work to present this collage of his styles & techniques as an advertising Illustrator. The gems of Illustration presented here are a result of the constant experimentation and the rich experience has earned. He begins with two essays. One is on his unique style of Illustration and the other on memory drawing. A must book for collection of Prospective Illustrators, Animation Artists and Painters as well as hobby Artists.

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  The World of My Illustrations 1
Size : 21.6 cm X 28 cm I 8.5" X 11" I
Pages : 48 I Paper back I Price : INR 150/- I
English Edition I ISBN : 978- 81- 908416 - 0 - 3

In this part I of The World of My Illustration artist Ravi Paranjape shares his rich of styles & techniques from his long career as an Illustrator for Publications. A collector’s item, Part I is a source of inspiration for young Illustrators as well as hobby artists and Art Lovers too.

  Neel-Dhawal Dhwajakhali
Size : 14 cm X 21.5 cm  I  5.5" X 8.5"  I
Pages : 272  I  Paper back I  Price : INR 250/-

“Neel –Dhawalá Dhwajakhali” is a collection of Ravi Paranjape’s short essays in Marathi. The book is divided into four parts -‘Chintan’, ‘Manan’ , ‘Smaran’ and ‘Prayojan’. In ‘Chintan’ we find Ravi’s thoughts on a ‘Design’ based nation building culture. This is a unique concept. At present this culture is apparent only in developed countries, but he has successfully traced it back to India’s rich cultural past.

In ‘Manan’ he elaborates further on the word ‘Design’, shows the difference between tradition and convention, pinpoints the void created by the absence of a design based culture, and explains how Modern Indian Art and literature have contributed to the disastrous cultural void prevailing in the country.

In ‘ Smaran’ he has addressed a number of cultural, social and political issues seeing through the screen of Design based nation building culture.

‘Prayojan’ consists of two articles. One deals with the challenge of Globalization and the other interprets ‘Sanatan Manav Dharma’ as a progressive culture.

“How India can emerge as a strong, secure and developed nation without loosing its past cultural relevance” is the key issue dealt with in this book.

  Brush Mileage
Size : 17.5 cm X 24 cm  I  7" X 9.5"  I
Pages : 248  I  Paper back I  Price : INR 300/-
ISBN : 81 - 7434 - 361 - X

“BRUSH MILEAGE” is a story of Artist Ravi Paranjape’s art journey. This book in Marathi is extensively illustrated with Black & White illustrations of his own as well as by some other stalwarts like Prof.W.Langhhammer, Bagdadopolus, P.N.Sarma and S. V. Waghulkar. The eight pages in full color unfold a beautifully printed collection of Ravi’s works with a variety of unique facets of his style. Written in a lucid manner, the narration clearly brings out how audio- visual inspirations, right from his childhood, have gone in the making of a mature artist.

  Shikhare Rang Reshanchi
Size : 19 cm X 25 cm  I   7.5" X 9.75"  I
Pages : 192  I  Hardbound  I  Price : INR 500/- I

“SHIKHARE RANG RESHANCHI” is a compilation of articles written by Ravi Paranjape on 25 world class artists whom he admires the most. This book in Marathi throws light on their respective times, struggles, styles and how they took their traditions forward. Along with plenty of Black & White illustrations, the book carries 24 full color pages of beautifully printed reproductions of the artists’ works. The book also provides a commentary on the ‘harmony oriented early modernism’ in Western painting.

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